Systematic Access to Valuable Co-Investment Rights
L Capital has built long-term strategic relationships with many of the world’s leading growth equity and buyout funds, including over 50 of the top 100 US funds (by AUM). We earn valuable co-investment rights alongside our partners via our diligence and advisory services.

Proprietary Deal Flow
Our unique market position – PE relationships x executive network – provides a steady flow of proprietary and semi-proprietary opportunities.

Unique Investment Perspectives
Our diligence & advisory activities allow for deep engagement during diligence. This interaction yields unique insights that allow us to select the very best deals from a high-quality pipeline.

Dedicated Capital
L Capital invests from a series of dedicated private equity funds, including L Capital I LP and L Capital II LP. We have the flexibility to be lead investors or co-investors in partnership with other sponsors.

Differentiated Returns Profile
L Capital’s strategy is designed to generate superior risk-adjusted returns over relatively short hold periods. Our target portfolio is diversified across co-investment partners and strategies





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