Systematic Access to Valuable Co-Investment Rights
L Capital has built long-term strategic relationships with many of the world’s leading growth equity and buyout funds, including over 50 of the top 100 US funds (by AUM). Through our pre-deal advisory services (via our affiliate, L Capital Advisors) we add value during diligence, gather unique deal insights, and gain access to valuable co-investment rights alongside our partners.

Proprietary Deal Flow
L Capital’s unique market position at the intersection of leading private equity firms and over 50,000 PE-experienced executives (via our executive search affiliate, Renovata & Company) provides a steady flow of proprietary and semi-proprietary investment opportunities. These proprietary opportunities typically result in larger ownership stakes and more active involvement by L Capital such as board or advisory roles.

Unique Investment Perspective
Our executive search and advisory services allow us to be deeply involved during the diligence phase for each potential investment. This early engagement—including our interactions with numerous industry experts—yields unique diligence insights that allow us to select (i.e., “cherry pick”) the very best investment opportunities from our high-quality pipeline. Post-investment, we selectively leverage talent and insights from our executive network to help drive superior investment returns.

Dedicated Capital
L Capital invests from a series of dedicated private equity funds, including L Capital I LP and the forthcoming L Capital II LP. Our investors include high net-worth individuals, family offices, and management team members from our affiliate network (L Capital, Renovata & Company, L Capital Advisors).

Differentiated Returns Profile
L Capital’s strategy is designed to generate superior risk adjusted returns for our investors via high absolute returns, relatively short hold periods and  the resulting superior IRRs. Our target portfolio is diversified across multiple co-investment partners as well as multiple investment strategies including buyout, growth buyout and growth equity. To minimize the risk of capital loss, L Capital does not make venture capital or other investments in money-losing companies.